Team Catapult

Clarksburg Web Design Propels Team Catapult Into the Future

Team Catapult is exactly as they sound: they catapult your team and leaders into a world of growth. They provide workshops and coaching to help leaders expand their leadership range and to inspire and cultivate the practice of collaborative leadership at all levels.

The Problem

Team Catapult’s original website had many offerings — services, workshops, resources — and needed it organized into a user-friendly site that allowed people find what they were looking for in an efficient manner. Additionally, their navigation titles and service titles were inconsistent, causing confusion to users and their calls-to-action were unassuming and hidden. It was neither easy nor enjoyable for the user. Their web presence lacked brand strength and personality.

The Solution and The Result

With the redesign, we provided all-new page layouts with visuals and well-formatted text that had a hierarchy, so that users knew where to look for the most important information. Most important of all, the user experience in terms of navigating the site was greatly improved, and became more enjoyable. We introduced videos to almost every page, along with on-brand graphics and beautifully laid out typography to make the whole browsing experience more unique and entertaining.

We are now working with Team Catapult on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.

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