Serving Up a Fresh Website Redesign for The French Bakery

Through its three convenient locations in Bellevue and Redmond, WA, The French Bakery offers fresh and tasty baked goods and catering services, serving up artisanal treats for meetings, private parties, corporate events, and just catching up with friends and family. 

The Problem

The French Bakery were unhappy with their previous website for a few reasons, with site navigation topping the list. For one thing, their customers had to click through multiple tabs to access their full menu. It was also difficult to learn more about the bakery’s multiple locations, as this information wasn’t readily apparent on first glance. While the website did showcase their artisanal baking expertise, it didn’t highlight The French Bakery’s strong commitment to charity work and their community. We knew that we needed to create a more intuitive website menu and help The French Bakery’s community spirit shine.

Why The French Bakery Loved the Results

Ease of navigation was a huge priority — we wanted to make the food menu accessible and the website easy to move through. We chose fonts that were easier to read and altered the website structure so that all menus, from cakes to catering to kitchen, were just one click away at all times. On the back-end, we implemented a robust menu section that allowed The French Bakery’s team to easily add, remove, and edit items, so that their website would always be up-to-date.

We wanted to make it easy for customers to place online orders, so we added buttons with clear directions throughout applicable sections which guided customers through their options. We kept all bakery location information on a single page, easily accessible via the main menu at the top of the website. We built a comprehensive “Impact” page that showcased the bakery’s community efforts and included some great photos of the bakery’s charity in action. The French Bakery are happy to have a website that finally reflects the care that they put into not only their pastries, but their community! We are continuing to work with The French Bakery, providing website maintenance and search engine optimization expertise.