Luxury Web Design For Kim Sarasin

Kim Sarasin is The Queen of Hearts, a love coach for the high-powered woman who has everything but her life partner. Kim specializes in helping women balance their masculine energy and activate more of their soft, feminine grace, to learn how to be a Queen in order to attract her King.

The Problem

Kim’s is a luxury brand and she wanted it to be apparent as soon as the home page loads, that the visitor is either in the entirely right or wrong place, depending on their level of commitment and budget. We wanted the user to feel privileged just to BE on the website, but her old website was outdated and bland, and it failed to provide that first impression “WOW” feeling.

The Solution and The Result

We redesigned Kim’s branded look and feel on her home page, taking her services to a whole other level – funneling her client base to only those who are serious about the work, and can afford it – positioning Kim as a celebrity in her field. We highlighted her massive successes, media attention, success stories from clients — making her gorgeous new photos the centerpiece of the design.

We are now working with Kim Sarasin on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.