Branding update and site rebuild for 45-year-old Dutch Harbor Seafood Processor, Unisea

In 1974 Unisea turned a shipping barge docked in a little place called Dutch Harbor into one of the world’s most successful processing facilities for fresh Alaskan seafood.

From humble beginnings, but with deeply held core values, they’ve grown to be about much more. Today, they’re a family of high-quality services. While their focus is and always will be bringing their customers the best and freshest seafood products like pollock, crab and world-class surimi, they’ve grown to serve customers in many different ways.

The Problem

Due to a series of unfortunate events the employee that originally set-up the Unisea website passed away unexpectedly and no one was able to ‘crack the code’ to make changes to the site. When Laura approached us, we knew that we would be able to help reestablish the site, and get it in not only working order but in a much better place to reach it’s market successfully.

We really took our time to take Unisea through the entire process of discovery, branding, logo refresh, content, and design with the project team and it paid off in a big way.

Why Unisea Loved Working with Us

Unisea has a unique website that features a dual call to action– not only are they interested in reaching out to their consumer base, but also the potential workforce that powers Alaskan seafood operations. Reaching these unique targets was something that could only be done by incorporating their rich history of storytelling to engage and convert their audience. We encouraged Unisea to continue to do this by:

Focusing on people– Whether it’s our employees or our customers, focusing on people will bring back the humanity that was so clearly present in Unisea’s legacy messaging.

A storybook life– What Unisea does is, in certain respects, something that hasn’t changed very much over time. The boats go out, they fish the fish and they process it – sending it on its way. While of course there are complexities and new technologies involved, there’s also a very romantic story here that isn’t being told.

Modern Industry meets traditional values– Yes, we have a modern operation, but our values haven’t changed. We’re a people-first company. That’s why people love working for us. That’s why people spend their entire lives and careers with us. That’s why our processors come back season after season. The technology and logistics keep us on the playing field. But when it comes to messaging our traditional values help us win.

Working with Unisea was a rewarding process that we’ve been thrilled to be a part of. We are now working with Unisea on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.