Crisp, Clean, Web Design & Branding for Seattle Neighborhood Experts, Vicinage Real Estate Group

Vicinage Real Estate Group is the neighborhood expert here in Seattle. From the minute we met the owner, Laura Highsmith, we knew that we had to design a compelling brand and site that would become the key supporting feature of her new business.
Walking our clients through the branding process is always enjoyable as we start to see their business develop. Working with Laura on her messaging we created a brand positioning statement that helped inform our logo design:
“For buyers and sellers in the Seattle area, I provide a holistic real estate service that focuses not only on the transactional nature of the process but also on the experience I create for my customers. I am detail-oriented, provide educational services, and create an experience for my customers that helps them make their life transition easy and smooth. Through vast neighborhood expertise, business knowledge, and a consideration of the entire process, I help first time buyers, seasoned sellers/buyers, foreign clients, and investors easily navigate buying a new home and get the best deal possible.”

Laura worked with a local Seattle company to produce some exceptionally compelling video assets, and the new site needed to bring the client into the funnel, and allow them to consume the valuable content that Laura had spent so much time on. The majority of our work was creating a site that really focused on the user experience (UX), and guiding them through the site to consume that media.

The Problem

How do you position a brand as an expert in their field? Content simply isn’t enough, otherwise, every person on Facebook would be considered an expert. At Fingerprint Marketing, we believe that there has to be a sweet spot between professional design and valuable content, a meeting point where design supports content, and content drives conversion.

On Vicinage Group’s site, we push the primary call to action towards downloading Laura’s guide to the top 10 Seattle Neighborhoods– if that were exclusively the focus of each page, there’s little doubt that it wouldn’t convert. However, with valuable, detailed content, we are able to retain the user, educate them, give them something of value, and promise that in turn, they’ll be provided more value if they fill out the lead magnet. Because of the professional brand, they know the content they’re promised will be something that they can trust and utilize.

Why Vicinage Group was thrilled with their new site

Every site launch goes through several stages– from conception to launch, there are many hours of work put into the design, coding, testing, and finally configuring the site to be view by the public. Laura poured over the site even more than our average client– she loved being involved with the designers and working closely with them to accomplish her vision for the site. When we launched, she knew that the site we had created together was one that she could be proud of, and use to take her business to the next level.

Working with Vicinage Group was a rewarding process that we’ve been thrilled to be a part of. We are now working with Vicinage on content marketing and website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.