10 Reasons to Join Pinterest Today

Still debating if you should get a Pinterest page? Don’t waste any more time; here’s why you should make an account TODAY….

1. It is skyrocketing in popularity. 2012 was an amazing year for Pinterest. It now has about 12 million unique visitors each month (Carter). Not quite impressed yet? Read on…

why join pinterest

2. Great avenue to showcase your products and services. What makes Pinterest so unique is that you can share your products with friends without it feeling too commercial. Pinterest is also a perfect place to show off your portfolio.

3. Pinterest has the ability to gain more traffic. It is way more than just pictures; you are able to post images that actually link back to your website. To gain even more exposure, post links in the title and description.

4. Speed. On average, an individual reads about 200-300 words per minute, but it only takes about 1/20th of a second to process an image (Wilkins).

Fingerprint Marketing Pinterest Account

5. You can showcase your company’s personality. Create a board specifically geared toward what is going on behind the scenes at your business. It will make your business seem more human and relatable, which could result in a gain of followers.

6. People don’t just visit Pinterest…. they stay there. On average, people spend about 15 minutes looking around (Leland).

7. It appeals to multiple vertical markets.

8. Builds SEO value. Pinterest has various ways to help your content get founded and shared. For example, you can build backlinks, concentrate on keyword targeting, and build a “Pin It” button on your website so your content can be shared easily.

9. Pinterest has astonishing referral traffic. In fact, Pinterest has the ability to drive referral traffic more than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIN combined (Forbes).  In other words, it is the new leading referral traffic generator for retail brands.

reasons to join pinterest

10. It’s another avenue to connect and market your business. Need I say more?

If you need help creating and maintaining a social media page (including Pinterest), contact our Chief Imagination Officer, Pia Larson at pia@fingerprintmarketing.com. Don’t forget to check out our own Pinterest page!

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