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Due to our authority building and relevancy building efforts, in June Matt’s Tree Service was ranking for 66 keywords, and as of November, the company ranks for about 194. The company’s organic search traffic increased about 60% from June from 99 visitors per month to around 500 per month in November based on their rankings for different keywords.

What is search engine optimization and why do I need it?

Suppose you have the best store imaginable with the coolest things everyone wants at a price they’re willing to pay and you offer the best customer service in the world. The problem is you have no sign and your street is in an obscure location so no one can find you. SEO is the equivalent of having a huge neon sign that points right to you and pulls in business in droves. That’s why you need SEO.

Now that you know why you need it, you wonder where to get it…

search engine optimization SEOThat’s where Fingerprint Marketing comes in. You need a website and you need a social media presence, but having those won’t guarantee you web traffic. Even if they look great and you’ve nailed down your branding, if you don’t lock down SEO, all that expense and effort was for nothing.

Search engine optimization is what makes it easy for your target customers to find you – out of all the millions of websites out there. SEO is the way that we let search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) know that you exist, what you’re about and why your site is relevant for people searching in your niche. Ultimately, SEO is about getting your site on page one of search engine results – so you have visibility.

We increased the authority of The Drs. Wolfson website by improving referring domains from 60 up to 150 and backlinks from 200 to 700. Thanks to these efforts: in June they were ranking for 1500 keywords, and today they rank for about 2000. Reports show that their organic search traffic increased about 60% from June: from 1500 visitors per month to around 2500 per month.

Now that you know what SEO does for you, you wonder how to drive it…

There are five aspects to SEO that Fingerprint Marketing recommends. These should be accomplished in concert and should be ongoing. One without the others will diminish your efforts. For maximum results, here’s what we have found works best for our clients to optimize SEO and web presence:

#1 Keyword Research

Keywords drive everything. You have to know what words and phrases people are looking for when they search for a business like yours. Researching the most commonly searched terms for your business, products or services is critical to SEO. And as your business evolves, they must be updated as well.

#2 On-Site Optimization

Once keyword research has been done, the next step it to optimize your site with these critical words and phrases. Your content should reflect the keywords, but overuse can be as bad as underused. We know the difference. Keywords help search engines find and rank your website.

#3 Link Strategy

SEO is also about who you know and who knows you. Strategic links back to your website, called “inbound” links can drastically improve your SEO. Links add credibility and social proof that your site is legitimate, worthwhile and is very important to how search engines rank your pages.

#4 Fresh Content

These days, websites cannot be static. Stale content is an SEO killer. Fresh content is an SEO boon but it must also be original to have the most impact. This goes beyond copy – search engines also love images, video, and infographics that are relevant to your niche.

#5 Web Analytics

With any business effort, results must be measurable. Implementing web analytics on your site will enable you to track your SEO so you know how changes and revisions improve results. Constantly monitoring your analytics ensures you stay ahead of the competition and, once there, don’t lose ground!

Fingerprint Marketing is ready to help you be found on the web. SEO is all about driving traffic and business to your site and ultimately to your bottom line. Contact us today for a complimentary 15 minute consultation on your web presence and how we can help you!

Nate Bean of Integrity Automotive in Issaquah hired Fingerprint Marketing as his on-going marketing director. Nate has seen his business virtually double, up 82% since hiring Fingerprint Marketing three years ago.

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