Social Media for Manufacturing Businesses

Social Media for your Manufacturing Business

This is part two in our series: Marketing Your Manufacturing Business Online Effectively

Social media should be included in every marketing budget. Social media channels are the places where your company can attract attention, share technical content, and engage with customers who are looking for guidance, updates, and solutions to their technical problems. Considering the importance and the variety of all the marketing channels of social media: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Blogs, it’s no wonder marketing through social media is so critical to growing your manufacturing business.

Let’s take a look at how manufacturers can use some of these social media channels:

YouTube: Creating videos is not only a fantastic way to spread the word about your product line but also a great way to up your rankings on Google. Everyone is familiar with the ongoing marketing campaign of GoPro; They are pros at encouraging their fans to create videos using their product. The result is a memorable campaign that spreads the word about their product line and gets customers involved and excited about the product.

Instagram: with over 700 million users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks. Businesses around the world use Instagram to raise brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. Sven Alwerud, the founder and CEO of Jelly Skateboards, said, “it’s a powerful tool to display what we’re all about and how customers live that lifestyle. Instagram is invaluable—if you want to get more customers, you want more engagement, or you want more conversions”.

Blog: Using this channel allows manufacturers to provide relevant and dynamic content that their buyers want. Providing information like updates on industry trends, technical specifications, applications, and solutions, will appeal to the types of buyers in the manufacturing business and help form a solid vendor partnership. Because a manufacturer’s blog is an opportunity for technical keyword-rich content, it can also improve your search engine rankings.

LinkedIn: This is another well-known and respected channel that companies are using to advertise to professional audiences. LinkedIn has a wide variety of advertising products to promote your Company, including; ads that send direct messages to your target audience, advertisements that appear in the LinkedIn news feed, text ads, and more. Businesses are successfully using LinkedIn to increase their lead-generation campaigns and conversion efforts.

Pinterest: According to Marketing Week, there are 100 billion pinned images and 2 billion boards on the site. As an advertising platform, Pinterest can be used to share information, pictures, and customer testimonials. Manufacturers would be wise to make quote boards and videos on their Pinterest accounts to increase customer engagement.

Twitter: Using Twitter effectively can provide customers with quick bits of information about your company, industry news, and events. Twitter is excellent for communicating with your customers, make sure you respond to their comments and questions to build trust, and lasting professional relationships.

Digital marketing through social media channels can increase sales from existing customers, bring new customers to your website, and help build lasting professional relationships with your customers.

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