Social Media Issaquah

Social media spotlights your business reputation.

How socially active is your business? With social profiles in place, you can quickly reveal what locals are already saying about you on social media. Issaquah locals are actively engaged online; even City Hall welcomes Issaquah, WA residents to join in on local community discussions.

Fingerprint Marketing helps you control your social media approach to define your online reputation. As a local Washington agency, we help you connect with your Issaquah customers. Call locally at (425) 283-3943 or take 15 minutes for your free consultation.

Social Media Issaquah

For long term success online, you need a social media strategy unique to your business. Let’s start building your social media strategy now. Here are 3 social media keys that every Issaquah business needs:

  1. Real
  2. Relevant
  3. Reputation

Your online business reputation depends on how effectively you use social media. Issaquah residents either reject or respect, depending on how real and relevant you are.

Real = Authentic Sharing

Are you clear and consistent on social media?

With millions of people connected online, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. You may be tempted to take extreme measures for short term attention, but your long term business may suffer. If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t share it online.
Without a social media strategy, you waste time “trying something new” without working toward a specific social goal. Even if “it” works, you may not know why it works.

Social Media Issaquah

Do you want to be seen as an annoying business that’s eager for attention? No, you don’t. You want a consistent and clear social tone that earns professional respect.

Relevant = Actively Listening

Are you adding insight and value?

Social media means real people online in real time, yet many businesses fail to treat online customers as real people. Social networking is not the same as posting a classified ad. What you share on social networks is seen by real people as soon as you share it.

Before you hit submit on your next post, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I add value to people’s day with this?
  • Am I fishing for customers (selling instead of sharing)?
  • Does this relate to what other people are posting?

Pay special attention to that last question. This implies that you read what other people are sharing. This alone means that you are paying attention to your potential customers. Offering an insightful comment at a time of need is a step that few businesses care to take on social media.

Reputation = Online Authority

Are you a trusted source and easy to reach?

As a business, every post you share on social media may be your first impression with a potential client. It benefits you (and your brand) to share helpful content and not try to hard sell those who aren’t ready to buy.

You don’t want your audience building a defensive wall each time you share something. Instead, you want to open a clear path leading between your business and your online customers. This means establishing your online brand as a source of quality information about a specific topic.

Also, when a potential customer needs what you offer, they take the path of least resistance. Your social media profile should clearly display who you are and how to reach you. A customer looking for contact information won’t be impressed by your company mission statement. You can build your strength on social media by being real, relevant and easy to reach.

Compel Issaquah locals to connect with you

Who are you in business to help? Your potential customers are online, using social media to connect with Issaquah businesses that benefit them. You can reach them too, with help from Fingerprint Marketing. Take 15 minutes for a free consultation, and learn how successful companies use social media in Issaquah.

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