Takeaways From Seattle Interactive Conference 2013

Whew, what a long day! I had the awesome opportunity to attend a day session of SIC 2013, and wow did I learn a lot. This video is just some of the takeaways I got from some of the great speakers from today.

What Do Our Clients Want?

– Creative story-telling. Hire a good copy writer.

-Transparency. Customers want to see behind-the-scenes, and not just the successes but also the failures. People love to see failure – it shows you’re human. Shoutout to Pizza Hut for showing a live Twitter feed when releasing a new product, accepting positive and negative comments.

– Engage First; then sell! Start a dialogue and bring value to your followers before trying to sell. The hard sell is a big turnoff. A great example is L’oreal; they created a makeup website full of resources and tips with very subtle branding.


I got to meet Rand Fishkin! Co-founder of Moz. Rand Fishkin is one of the top influencers and experts on all things inbound and digital marketing. His talk on the fast paced changes for Google and his predictions for 2016 were mind blowing. Phew!

Takeaway #1 – Increase your network on Google+. Not just share more content. The chances of people seeing your content is higher if they are in your circle.

Takeaway #2 – Be visual! If you’ve noticed searches on Google everything is visual. Time to start adapting to this change.

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