33. The Power of Laughter in Life, Love, and Business with Brian Trendler


Humor and laughter are key when selling, building rapport, getting calls back, being hired, and staying an upright and productive individual. Brian Trendler is an improvisational expert and a vocal variety embracer. He’s been a stand-up comedian, an emcee, a motivational speaker, and speech coach throughout his career. Brian joins me on this episode for more than a few chuckles and helps show us how we can use humor in powerful and effective ways.

He and his partner, Marcelle Allen, know that funny is hard, but they’ve cracked the code to help make their Six Methods of Humor™ accessible to everyone who wants to become a better, funnier, and more engaged speaker or presenter.

If you know me, I love comedy and laughing. Brian and I unpack how bringing some humor to your world can help you become a better communicator, one who is being heard, and most importantly, one who is being remembered. Being funny is, well, fun! And these are tools you can use for a lifetime, check out this great episode! ~ Pia

About Brian Trendler – Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Emcee, Engagement Specialist & Laugher Coach / LAF Tech NW

After leaving corporate America in 2002, Brian turned a part-time graphic design business into his primary income. In 2008, he found a struggling local business networking group; PNAnw, and now as newly appointed owner in 2021, has led the company through unprecedented growth and expanded to 9+ chapters in the Pacific Northwest. Previously in 2015, he co-founded a humor-based speaking and engagement company called LAF Tech; because people told him he couldn’t make that particular business model work, stating that “no one needed to become a better speaker, presenter, or human utilizing humor in business and their daily lives.” (challenge accepted) With the creation of LAF Tech, Brian creatively and hilariously showcases the much-needed bridge between the “lack of access” of humor-based methods for applying toward business and personal situations. His quick-wit, charm, and command of any stage makes him an experience to watch, and a fantastic person to learn from.

Brian’s version of humor stems from a lifetime of utilizing laughter as a skillset and technique that propelled him through his business and personal life. Flash forward to now, his ideologies have been extracted by his business partner to become the Six Methods of Humor™ that they teach from every day. After realizing that literally no none offers this sort of thing to businesses, much less offer it in a fun, easy-to-consume way; the end result of training, inspiring, motivating, and educating was the obvious choice for LAF Tech!

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 33!
  • Laughter can help us a lot in today’s world.
  • There’s a time and place for everything, but humor can make you more likable and listenable.
  • Brian’s journey to discovering how funny can be used in business and starting LafTech.
  • Humor can be used as a powerful and effective tool.
  • A little laughter can save an otherwise boring presentation.
  • When you make people laugh, they learn faster and remember what you are saying.
  • Humor gets people involved and helps them stay engaged.
  • Brian breaks down their Six Methods of Humor™, this is golden.
  • The simple, simple, swivel strategy.
  • Some tips that can make a big change if you feel shy or if you’re just not funny.
  • Take your next presentation from great to outstanding.
  • Find your unique story and spin it into something funny.
  • Humor can relieve tension or pressure in a situation.
  • Improvisation can be a super valuable skill in life and business.
  • Brian shares some of the comedians and styles that helped influence him and his work.
  • Learn how to connect with Brian and LafTech!

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