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Your online visitors judge your business by your web design. Your Issaquah Company needs a refined online presence that meets customer expectations. From branding and social interaction to site speed and SEO, your web design determines your online success.

What does successful web design include?

Your web design starts with understanding your customers. Then, you see what’s already working for them. From there, every aspect of your web design will focus on meeting their expectations. Your web design is built upon a strong foundation (such as and optimized for search engines and social interaction with your visitors.

Meet Expectations

web design issaquahYour web design should translate your unique selling proposition in a familiar voice your customers understand. If your company solves a specific need or expectation, simply be clear and transparent about how.

You are not the only company in business, so take a look at your competition.

  • What are they doing to reach your customers?
  • How do they serve customer needs?
  • What aspects of web design are relevant to your customers?

The point is to see where your customers are already going and then compel them to visit you. Your competition helps you reveal existing customer needs and expectations. Once you know what works, you can improve on your own company’s web design.

Gaining long term trust of target customers will cost you time and money. The faster you figure out what works, the more time you spend improving instead of redoing. A cost effective web design connects with visitors, guides their attention and earns them as customers.

To fine tune your web design, you need to learn to let go. You need to make cost effective decisions and discard what’s not working for your customers. This means setting realistic goals, learning from mistakes and being flexible to change. Your web design serves customer expectations, not your own.

Design Wisely

Fingerprint Marketing delivers all 4 aspects of web design:

  1. Branding & Appearance
  2. Navigation & Load Time
  3. Content & Engagement
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You don’t need a mind blowing website. Just because you can add dynamic video and music to every page, doesn’t mean you should. Reduce your design elements to those that relate to your users. Everything else is a distraction.

With that said, your Issaquah Company still needs a unique web design that compliments your business. Directly copying someone else’s design reminds your visitors where they saw it first. Your online branding should be original, consistent, and memorable.

The technical side of web design requires a thorough understanding of site speed and SEO. This is where many web sites often fail. You need to ensure your web design connects quickly, is fully responsive and readily available to search engines. You can learn the technical details yourself or hire a web design company with technical expertise.

Attract Return Visitors

Why do customers return to you?

Your web design plan should include scheduled web maintenance. Your visitors expect fresh content and reliable updates. Your visitors may also want to engage with you one-on-one.

Do you know how to add social interaction to your web design?

Fingerprint Marketing does. As you can see from our portfolio, we are a full service web design company many Issaquah businesses already benefit from.

Are you ready for a website that fully satisfies your customers? Fingerprint Marketing is available to customize a web design for your Company in Issaquah. Call us locally in Washington at (425) 283-3943 or schedule a free 15 minute online consultation now.

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