Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

All of our designs at Fingerprint Marketing are responsive and therefore, mobile friendly. We believe your mobile site should look and act as good as your desktop site. Our experts will make sure your mobile web design is not only optimized specifically for mobile users, but also optimized for Google’s Mobile-First indexing, which will keep your search engine rankings high so you can easily be found in a Google search!

How we optimize our designs for mobile users and Google:

The coding responsible for Responsive Web Design is what allows us to design an optimized mobile site for our customers. Visitors accessing your site from their mobile device will enjoy the look, function, and ease of navigation that our uniquely crafted mobile designs offer.

Features like:

  • Bigger Buttons users can accurately click. Easy to find and click buttons are likely to increase conversions on ecommerce sites.
  • A Reduction in the amount of texts users need to input. Everyone knows how difficult it is to fill in text on a mobile phone. Offering pulldown menus, buttons or images for selecting information provides a better experience for the visitors on your site.
  • Readable text that doesn’t require zooming.
  • No horizontal scrolling. This makes navigation far easier.
  • Compressed images and files that keep your mobile site fast.

Proper spacing and size for tap targets. When these interactive elements, buttons or links, that users frequently tap are too small or are too close together, navigation is clumsy and often the wrong buttons are tapped.

An overall simpler design. The KISS principal (keep it simple stupid) really works here and keeps your mobile design optimized as well as elegant. Mobile users do not have the time to scroll through a lot of information; instead, having only the relevant information like contact information and your company address, is more important for the user AND mobile SEO. Again, buttons like “click to call” and “click for directions” will work the best in your mobile design.

Remember, only websites optimized for mobile will be moved up in search rankings by Google, while non-mobile optimized websites will start to see a ranking decline in the Google search results. Better search rankings translate to more visitors and more business means more sales! We work with you to design a mobile site that is optimized for both Google and the visitors to your site.

Traffic from mobile users is important to your business:

We know that the mobile market is growing, in fact over half of the online population are on mobile devices.

In 2018, mobile devices accounted for 30% of all global retail e-commerce spending, amounting to over $700 billion.

Even when a purchase is made from a desktop, the majority of smartphone users have researched an item on their phone before purchasing it. A March report from BRP found that 63% of consumers rely on their phones for comparing prices, looking up coupons and checking inventory while they are in a store (which they found using their mobile device for directions). 41% of those consumers surveyed planned to increase their frequency of mobile shopping in the next two years.

As mobile payment methods continue to grow, so will the use of mobile wallet for daily transactions.
As far back as 2013, 75% of mobile shoppers redeemed a coupon from their mobile devices. And 80.4 % of shoppers said they would prefer a retailer that offered mobile coupons and deals.

Technology changes quickly and we adapt our lives to take advantage of everything the latest technology has to offer. Stay ahead of the competition by making sure your mobile web design is optimized for the best user experience.

Call us today 425.283.3943 for more information on how we can make both Google and your mobile customers happy with a new mobile web design for your company.

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