Your website is socially awkward and unworthy of action. How do I know? Your ex-visitors escaped your site’s ill-groomed embrace and fled. They desperately searched for a website to fill their needs. Finally, they encountered my seductive online presence.

Your website was instantly forgotten.  Sorry, but there may be hope for you yet.

A seductive website treats visitors to an alluring presentation, delicious content and warm follow-up. With a little work, you too can seduce your online audience – and finally see some action.


Your website is in desperate need of these 5 updates:

web traits increase conversion#1        Be Easy (to read) – Navigation

You’re stuck with the face your mommy gave you.

Your website is stuck with the navigation you give it.

Think about a visitor who sees the face of your website for the first time.

    • Do they know where they are?
    • Are they confused about where to go?

Your website navigation is the face your visitors read as they get to know you.

Perfection isn’t expected, but having the right parts (in expected places) is less disturbing.

Offer pleasant navigation, attracting as much cognitive ease as possible.

Help people think less about basic things (like how to contact you).


#2        Be Confident (present your purpose) – Landing Page

Get to the point. Each of your webpages has a specific purpose (they should).

If not, Oli (from Unbounce) describes in detail why landing pages are so vital.

Be obvious about why visitors should care, or risk losing them.

Start with clearly showing your visitors where you want them to go.

You can spend quality time discussing your feelings later.


#3        Be Attractive – Contrast and Color

Color alone is meaningless; contrast is how colors go together.

People with a crazy personality (and clowns) can get away with wearing loud colors.

Your website doesn’t have the luxury of being visually obnoxious.

For visitors to get busy with your buttons, you need balanced contrast and colors.

Confused about which colors go together? Adobe offers a (free) online color-wheel.


#4        Be Sincere (ask less & listen more) – Cut Form Questions

Do you ask for a resume on a first date?

Asking too much, too fast, is a major turn off.

Only ask a question if you need the answer.

Answering questions requires thinking.

You want more action and less thinking.


#5        Be Yourself (the same you everywhere) – Branding

Before visitors get in bed with you, they may look you up online.

Not just your business, your name too. What will they find?

Everyone has a private life, but your business suffers if you misrepresent your brand.


Is your brand under control?

Take a good hard look at your existing brand online.

Decide if your online business presence could be better. If so, contact Fingerprint Marketing for a free 30 minute consultation. We listen to you and discuss branding options for your business.