What are you really doing in social media?

It’s a given our businesses need to be in the social media space. But the real question is, what are we doing once we get on there? We see so many businesses and personal accounts posting pictures, tweets and status updates that aren’t interesting or meaningful. We’ve seen the quotes, the cats, the puppies and the kid photos on personal pages and we see the pushing of products on the business pages.

The goal isn’t to be good at social media. The goal is to be good at business because of social media. – Jay Baer – CLICK TO TWEET

The social media space is changing with Facebook becoming more revenue centric. Instagram pics are now made public to the world, over 400 million tweets are sent daily and just yesterday a couple named their baby Hashtag! The stats are staggering with 500 million users on Twitter, a billion on Facebook and 4 billion YouTube views a day. How do we find our voice in this congested online world?

The answer is be real, be you, not someone else. It’s simple. Cut the clutter, get down to who you are, talk as you do in normal everyday life and stick with doing what you’re best at – your business. We need to get back to basics, get offline every once in awhile and remember why we started our business and personally why we got on Facebook and the other social sites.

To clear the clutter, kick out a few things in your social media strategy and execution. Here’s a few things to do on 3 of the main social media spaces.

TwitterHashtags are so 2009.

In the beginning, Twitter was still getting its search engine together, today it’s powerful. Trending topics are all over Twitter and if your content is written well, enough followers will tweet it and can be found. The manual retweet. No need to add a comment before you RT something. If the info in the tweet is relevant enough to you and you’ve built a loyal following, then your audience knows it is worth reading. Just click the RT button. Don’t copy and paste the tweet with an intro. Some people may disagree with this method, but your followers are following you for the content and what you have to say. If you RT a tweet, they’ll know it’s worthwhile information you’re passing on.

Facebook – With the changes to Facebook’s algorhythm, it’s getting harder for your content to be seen. . Use a photo with your posts and post relevant information to your business or when you have something meaningful to say.

Gone are the funny pictures of cats, puppies and quirky graphics. That’s great if you want your personal page to be like that as it’s your personal page. For business, of course be personable, yet also be informative and use humor, if that’s your voice. Mashable does a great job of this and are the go to for social media news and information.

Blog – We’re all busy  and many of us don’t have time to sit down and read a full blog post.

Write when you have something you want to share and inform your followers. You don’thave to post a blog every day, week or bi-weekly just to get a post up there. Share your stories when it is relevant. If it’s interesting to you and you have the right audience following you, it will be interesting to them.  Here are Time’s picks for the 25 best blogs of 2012. Blog topics of course, range from personal stories to investigative journalism, what it comes down to is the writing and what is being said.

We’re always happy to help you kick off or revamp your social media style. Catch us, of course, at https://fingerprintmarketing.com, Twitter or Facebook.

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