What Flash Website Designers Won’t Tell You

Flash has this way of mesmerizing you with animation and images, all wrapped in mood-setting music. The graceful display immediately catches your attention and you eagerly watch to see what will happen next. This is the allure of Flash web design and website owners want it.

But there is a another side to Flash web design. When you consider that a full Flash website can be up to three times more expensive to develop, won’t show up in the search engines and will frequently irritate your visitors, Flash web design has a very, very dark side.

What Flash Web Designers Won’t Tell You

You won’t find these little facts in your contract. In fact, you won’t hear about theses drawbacks at all until your business starts feeling the effects of the Flash website hangover.

Slow Loading

Everyone knows that attention spans are decreasing. Even Google recognizes the importance of fast loading websites – so much so that faster sites get rewarded with better rankings! But a full Flash website can make the visitor sit for up to 20 seconds with absolutely nothing happening while the pre-loader ticks off the percentage it’s loaded. How long do you think your customer wants to wait for your information to come up? Maybe while they’re waiting they’ll open your competitor’s website in another tab and forget all about you.

Not SEO Friendly

Flash designers will tell you that Flash sites can be found on search engines. This is only partially true. Google is working on a way to index Flash files but currently, the results are hit and miss. Some Flash designers will  often add text overstuffed with keywords and nonsense sentences to make up of for the lack of content found by search robots. Not only does this “content’ make you look bad, but it can actually get you penalized for Spamming search engines.

Expensive to Maintain

Content Management Systems (CMS) are more popular than ever. They allow business owners or administrative staff to keep the website updated with fresh content – and they don’t need to know any coding to do it! This is not the case with Flash. While a custom Flash CMS can be built, the cost is exorbitant and rarely  worth the effort. If you have a full Flash website, you will always be tied to a web designer to make the changes for you, unless you want to learn Flash web design yourself.

Won’t Work on Mobile Devices Including iPad

If you haven’t heard, small is the new big. More than ever, your audience is accessing your website through their mobile devices. However, very few of those devices support Flash. In fact, Apple has made a decision to stop supporting Flash altogether,  so you won’t be able to see that expensive website at all on an iPhone or iPad. Other manufacturers may follow suit. So what happens when your animation doesn’t show up? You’re left showing an empty window with all that wonderful nonsensical, keyword-stuffed content that was meant only for the search engines.

A Better Alternative

Newer technologies are on the horizon and are already being implemented which will enable web programmers to give that Flash appeal, while still maintaining all the great things about HTML, like search engine-friendly content, mobile compatibility, and content management.

Ditch Your Flash Site and Get Real Results

Fingerprint Marketing  focuses on building SEO-friendly websites that not only get found by search engines, they help you build your business.

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