31. Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Business with Louise Brogan


Would you like to have clients and customers reaching out to work with you? Are you interested in how LinkedIn works and want to know more? Listen to this wonderful conversation I had with Louise Brogan, a LinkedIn pro who helps businesses and individuals build relationships and leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Many businesses know they should be using LinkedIn, but beyond creating LinkedIn profiles for all of their staff, they aren’t sure what the next steps should be. I learned a lot from this conversation and I’m sure you will too! If you want to learn how to get leads and sales from LinkedIn, raise your profile, and connect with the right people, don’t miss this one! ~ Pia

About Louise Brogan

Louise Brogan works with entrepreneurs, SME’s, and professionals who want to raise their profile through LinkedIn in a genuine and valuable way.

Louise is an international speaker, writes for Social Media Examiner, and hosts the LinkedIn with Louise Podcast. She lives at home with her husband, three children, and an energetic spaniel called Bruce.

In 2019, Louise was invited to attend No 10 Downing Street to represent small business and annually attends the House of Lords as one of 12 UK Local Heroes for Business. In 2021, Louise was named a Small Business Britain Champion.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 31!
  • Where LinkedIn was and where it is today – lots of opportunities.
  • LinkedIn is like an online version of your favorite industry conference.
  • Don’t connect with everybody, be strategic about who you create relationships with.
  • How to get your team to build your brand via LinkedIn.
  • Starting conversations on LinkedIn – a few terrific tips!
  • Effective ways to create engagement and visibility with your posts.
  • Posting to your profile or business page – what’s the difference and how do you leverage both?
  • LinkedIn Live, tips to get accepted and share live videos.
  • What are Pods? Don’t follow this strategy.
  • How to share links to content outside of LinkedIn.
  • What are Articles on LinkedIn and what are some strategies to use them?
  • Cover Stories on LinkedIn – a quick “How-To.”
  • Best practices for connecting with someone on LinkedIn.
  • A suggested, consistent cadence for posting and sharing content.
  • How to connect with Louise and get her free LinkedIn Guide!

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