Why You Need Maintenance on a WordPress Website?

When you first create your website, everything is working and it’s all shiny and new. But then, it starts to get older, it’s not as exciting anymore, and you likely stop giving it the TLC it deserves.

Much like a car that needs regular servicing and oil changes – your website needs that too! (Well, not the oil change, but the maintenance.)

If you don’t keep up with your website maintenance, your website is going to stop working and no one wants that! Regular maintenance on your website keeps your website working and in good condition. 

Here are some things I recommend when it comes to keeping your website healthy that we do for our clients:

  1. Backup your website daily and in full.

    Many hosting companies will tell you that they back up your website in full but in truth, they only partially back it up.

    If your website goes down, you want to be able to restore it quickly and restore all of it. You don’t want to lose your blogs, images, or content – that would be such a pain to start over.

    Full backups on a daily basis are important.
  2. Plugin Update Compatibility.

    Make sure any security updates for WordPress or any plugins for your website are playing well together. Your website is made up of different parts and functions and sometimes they work against each other when they are updated. Even though you may start out with everything being compatible, that doesn’t mean everything stays compatible.

    One example is Chrome and Explorer. When the browser is updated, it can affect your plugin’s ability to work the same as it did before the update.

    If you have a website maintenance service company like Fingerprint Marketing, one of the things they’ll do for you is test each plugin every time there is an update and make sure that your website is still functioning properly.

    It’s not uncommon to update a plugin and have it affect your website’s ability to load quickly or show all the features. Testing it beforehand and then checking that everything works well after the update – it’s going to give your website longevity.
  3. Monitor 24/7 that your website is up and it’s working.

    You never want to be the one who discovers your website is down. Leaving it to chance can mean it’s down for a considerable amount of time unless you are clicking on it frequently (and even then ANY downtime is bad!).

    If someone goes to your website and they get an error message, that’s lost sales opportunities. People rarely return to a website that was down, they think it’s a broken link and move on. It’s beneficial to have someone keeping an eye on it 24/7 and be able to restore it quickly should anything happen (see: The High Cost of First Impressions).
    We know that many of you rely on sales from your website. Don’t neglect to make sure it’s always up and running!
  4. Site updates.

    Make sure you add new content consistently. Google indexes websites that are active, but stops going to websites that don’t add new content. If you are not active on your website, it ultimately affects your SEO negatively.

    Think about how you can add new content in the form of blogs, podcast summaries, announcements, etc. so that you maintain your traffic.

    Many of our customers hire copywriters or appoint content creators to make sure they are consistent about adding quality, SEO-friendly content to their websites. Google rewards this!

Maintaining your website is going to pay off. 

If your site gets hacked, think of how much money it’s going to take to reproduce that content and rebuild your site if there’s no backup. It’s going to be a lot more time and money than it would be for a monthly fee to a website maintenance service company.

User experience is equally as important, keeping customer’s top of mind. You want to make sure to stay on track with what is trending. For example, when Google made the decision to push mobile-friendly websites up in the search rankings, people who weren’t staying current didn’t make any changes to their mobile experience and lost traffic. Paying attention to the trends keeps you from missing out.

Website maintenance is truly as important as the oil changes and routine service on your car. If your website is not functioning properly, if you have a broken link, or if something is missing, the person who’s looking at your website and deciding if they’re going to choose your business, is going to bounce. 

You never want a potential customer to close your website and not return. 

Make sure you have a web care process in place or hire someone who knows how to do it for you.

Book a free strategy call for a live audit of your website and how regular WordPress maintenance can help you land more customers. 

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