Think about how you go about tackling your inbox every day. It’s likely you don’t open every newsletter or promotion you receive. Instead, you click on the ones that instantly grab your attention.

And just like you, your readers are being choosey about which emails they’re going to open and skim.

So how do you entice them to open yours? Start with a powerful subject line. We’ve pulled together 5 ways you can write strong email subject lines that will inspire readers to click.

Craft a How-To

Readers love knowing how to do things. And who doesn’t want to open an email that gives you free tips on how to do something better? This is the perfect time to pull together those tips, tricks and hacks you’ve been jotting down and create a list that’s easily digestible.


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Add Some Branding

Whether you’re running a free challenge, hosting a webinar or putting out a fresh newsletter, adding a little something that’s uniquely yours will help readers identify your emails more quickly and know what to expect inside.

  • Rachael Cook: {Fired Up Challenge} Let’s Do This! Your first challenge is inside!
  • Natasha Vorompiova: Stop The Drain Game: Invitation to FREE training
  • Fit Bottomed Girls: Fresh from FBG: 21 Reasons You Should Work Out Today
  • Fingerprint Marketing: [Marketing Minute] Yes Please! How to Get Your Call to Action to Convert


 Make an Announcement

Being the first to know when something hits the shelves makes readers feel like they’re getting the VIP treatment. Share your announcement with words like “Introducing” or “New,” and be sure to show your enthusiasm!

  • Jenny Shih: It’s finally here
  • Ello: Download the Ello App Now!
  • Road Runner Sports: JUST IN! Built-Tough Best Sellers in Brand New Colors.


effective email headlines

Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s now or never. Giving readers a limited time to act can inspire them to open your email and see what it’s all about. After all, everyone loves a good deal. So go ahead and highlight exactly what they’ll be getting in the subject line, then put a time sensitive stamp on it.

  • Copyblogger: LAST CHANCE: Get Authority Free with the Rainmaker Platform
  •  Jenn Scalia: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Your bonuses disappear tonight
  •  Knock Knock: Wave goodbye to FREE SHIPPING
  •  Unleashed by Petco: TODAY ONLY – Get $10 off your purchase!


 Over to You

Which types of email subject lines are you most likely to click on? What about your readers? Share what you’ve found with us in the comments.