Case Study: B2B Industrial Consulting Company

Building an Industry Leader from the Ground Up.


After their initial launch, a B2B industrial solutions company wanted to successfully introduce their new business to their target markets and begin to build a customer base. They hired Fingerprint Marketing in late 2021 to create a search campaign that would help them acquire their first clients and build brand awareness. Just 7 months after the campaign began, the B2B industrial solutions company had generated 1,360 website visits, 77 first-time phone calls, 36 form fills, and $90k in revenue from just under $16k in ad spend! Here’s how.

The Story

Based in Kansas, the B2B industrial solutions company performs inspections, repairs, and alterations of above-ground and underground storage tanks and process pipes for customers nationwide. Their services also include environmental compliance and engineering services, industrial cleaning, and the application of interior and exterior anti-corrosion coating systems. Their secret sauce? Their ability to streamline entire projects enables them to offer efficient, one-stop-shop solutions to their customers without compromising their commitment to stringent quality control. They already had the expertise and innovation they needed to become a major player in their field — they just needed to get the word out.

The Challenge

As a brand new business venture, the B2B industrial solutions company needed to find a way to get on the radar of their ideal customers and effectively communicate the value and quality of their services in the absence of an existing audience and social proof such as testimonials and referrals. They had a website, but they required some assistance in driving traffic to it and in getting their name in front of the right people.

Why They Chose Fingerprint Marketing

The B2B industrial solutions company strongly believes that there is a right tool for every job. This belief was reinforced after working with Fingerprint Marketing, which proved to be the perfect fit for their needs. The B2B industrial solutions company chose to work with Fingerprint Marketing after they met with their team and were impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. 

We’ve helped a number of businesses in the industrial and engineering sectors modernize their websites, refine their messaging, and connect with their target markets. We knew that we could create a powerful and effective Google Ads campaign that would position the B2B industrial solutions company as a leading company in their niche, showcase the quality of their services, and easily generate the leads that they were looking for.  

We weren’t wrong.

How Fingerprint Marketing Helped 

First, we migrated their website design to WordPress from GoDaddy’s web builder. Next, we created strategic search advertising campaign on Google in order to attract new clients in their target market and raise their profile as a provider of efficient, high-quality industrial services. 

Fingerprint Marketing met weekly with the B2B industrial solutions company’s project manager. The project manager found the process to be objective and honest, and appreciated our dedication to regularly reporting and clearly explaining ongoing results — and expertly tweaking our approach as needed in order to maximize impact and deepen their connection to their target markets.

The Results

The B2B industrial solutions company’s initial goal when partnering with Fingerprint Marketing was to have a successful launch, reach new clients, and make money. Between the campaign launch in September 2021 and April 2022, it has generated 1,360 visits to their website with 170 clicks monthly, 77 first-time phone calls (with 9 qualified calls monthly), and 36 form fills. The industrial solutions company made $90k in revenue during that period, through just $15,900 worth of ad spend! “We’ve done business in many states now, gotten opportunities for good jobs and bigger companies, including some household names, and now repeat business,” says the company’s project manager. “We’re hoping to see even further expansion in the next few years.”

By building a robust customer base and raising their profile through Fingerprint Marketing’s expert Google Ads campaign, the B2B industrial solutions company is beginning to gain a reputation as respected specialists in their niche. Their project manager says that the company is “Definitely very satisfied so far with the results. I feel like we’re going to continue to strengthen what we’ve done and I’m excited to continue to find more ways to do better. I would recommend Fingerprint Marketing…and I already have!”

Now It’s Your Turn!

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