Case Study: Black Duck Cask & Bottle (SEO)

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The Problem

Black Duck Cask & Bottle, a thriving establishment renowned for its bustling nighttime atmosphere, faced a minor challenge. Their aim was to increase patronage, not only during their popular evening service but also during the lunchtime period and happy hour.

The Solution

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work with a three-fold SEO plan:

Individual Menus and Service Pages: We started by building out individual menus and service pages. The goal? To show Google (and everyone else) that Black Duck isn’t just a dinner place – it’s also a go-to spot for lunch and happy hour. And let’s not forget their specialty in beer, cocktails and whiskies.

Black Duck Website Menus

Content Fine-Tuning: Next, we fine-tuned the content to weave in the right keywords and signal to Google what Black Duck offers and where they’re located.

Expanded Geo-Targeting: We expanded geo-targeting to include not just the city but also the shopping center and surrounding areas. Because hey, the more the merrier!

Black Duck Geo Target

Citation-Building Campaign: Finally, we launched a major citation-building campaign to build location-based authority with Google.

Black Duck Citation Building

The Results

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves:

Rankings Shot Up: Page one rankings jumped from a mere 10 to an impressive 29. That’s almost a 200% increase!

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Better Keyword Positions: The average ranking of all keywords improved massively, going from position #44 (all the way on page 4) to position #8 (hello, page one!).

Greater Search Impressions: Search impressions saw a 31% increase Year Over Year, going from 41,o00 to a whopping 54,000.

Black Duck Search Impressions

In a nutshell, this case study shows how a well-planned SEO strategy can turn the tables. By focusing on detailed service pages, content fine-tuning, geo-targeting, and citation-building, we managed to boost Black Duck Cask & Bottle’s lunch and happy hour game, helping them fill more tables during these times. Now that’s a toast-worthy success!

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