Case Study: Innovative Women’s Clinic

Case Study: Innovative Women’s Clinic

Boost Profitability with SEO for Health Clinic Businesses

Innovative Women’s Clinic specializes in women’s sexual health and aging services. As a brand extension of Innovative Men’s Clinic, whose 5 locations make it the second largest men’s clinic brand in the Seattle area, Innovative Women’s Clinic was created to explore a new market vertical. It offers hormone replacement therapy and weight-loss services under the supervision of a team of experienced doctors and licensed physicians.

Fingerprint Marketing helped Innovative Women’s Clinic rank on Google and boost their profitability using a targeted SEO strategy.

Key Outcomes
  1. The Innovative Women’s Clinic’s number of appointments per week rose from zero to an average of 6–10 from new users who had found their website organically.
  2. SEO strategy transformed a new brand into a high-profit brand.
  3. Targeted SEO Strategy resulted in 6 search keyword variations ranking on Google’s first results page within 6 months.
Where Did Fingerprint Marketing Come In?

In December 2016, when Innovative Men’s Clinic decided to expand into women’s healthcare with the Innovative Women’s Clinic brand, they wanted to be sure to apply the SEO tactics that had already gotten them such great results with Fingerprint Marketing.

In just 6 months of ONLY using SEO tactics, Fingerprint Marketing increased Innovative Women’s Clinic’s traffic dramatically, growing the clinic from being a brand-new entity to becoming a highly profitable vertical with 6–10 new appointments every week.

But let’s jump back in time for a moment.

The Innovative Men’s Clinic brand came to work with Fingerprint Marketing because its digital marketing strategy was disorganized and not producing results. It lacked strategic direction, and it wasn’t clear enough for the results (or lack thereof) to be effectively measured. Fingerprint Marketing brought an analytical focus to their marketing strategy, recognizing that Google is often the first place that consumers look for medical help or advice. Driving this traffic to the Innovative Men’s Clinic became the #1 goal to grow their revenue.

Before Fingerprint Marketing stepped in, 20-30% of the clinic’s appointments were no-shows. But focusing on organic, SEO-driven traffic brought in more qualified leads who would actually show up for their appointments. Their cancellations from SEO-driven traffic dropped to nearly zero by using a combination of SEO, paid search marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and strategic retargeting.

These results are why they returned to us when they opened their new Innovative Women’s Clinic.

By raising their profile in the Seattle area, SEO can powerfully grow health clinic business and increase profits.

Targeted Keywords & Where They Rank on Google’s 1st Page Within 6 Months
  • 1st: Weight Loss Clinic Seattle Phentermine
  • 6th: Seattle Medical Weight Loss Clinic
  • 7th: Bellevue Medical Weight Loss Clinic
  • 7th: Seattle Women’s Weight Loss
  • 8th: Lynnwood Weight Loss Clinic
  • 10th: Bellevue Women’s Weight Loss
Keyword Strategy

In designing an SEO keyword strategy, the most important thing to note was that Innovative Women’s Clinic is a local healthcare business. This means that most of their customers come from the surrounding (Seattle) area. As a result, geographically focused keywords targeting consumers’ likely area of interest are most likely to convert the searcher into a paying customer.

Why? Because when people search regional keywords, they’re probably already interested in coming in and paying for a medical service. They are simply determining their available options and trying to make the best choice. Regional keywords convert more effectively for health care clinic businesses and increase their profitability!

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