How to Make Your Brand Think and Interact Like a Person

When was the last time you shopped for something, but after spending hours sifting through pre-fab wares, you walked away empty-handed? You’re not alone.

The notion that one size fits all customers is by now a pretty outdated mentality. Today’s consumers want more choice, and that choice is found in products that are tailored to their individual wants, needs or preferences. That’s precisely why mass customization is quickly becoming the new norm – and the fastest way to achieve brand loyalty.

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Not sure how to make your brand think and act like a person? These brands show you how it’s done.

Write Their Name on Your Label

That soda? It was made just for you – literally. It’s even got your name right on the bottle.

With the launch of the Share a Coke campaign, fans of the brand got a whole new way to celebrate friends, family and even themselves. Last year, if your name was among the 1,000 most popular in America, you could snap up a 20-oz. bottle of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero with your name printed on the label.

This year, the #ShareaCoke campaign has expanded to include 4x more names. Plus, through, you can take it up a notch by customizing glass bottles for special occasions like graduations, weddings and family reunions.

Share a Coke Campaign

Give Them Tools to Realize Their Dream Space

If you’ve spent countless hours watching HGTV or flipping through the latest issue of Dwell, then you’ve probably dreamed up all sorts of ways to remake every room in your house. But where do you begin?

Now you can be your own interior designer and plan your dream room, all from the comfort of home. IKEA’s Home Planner Tools are designed to handle all the heavy lifting – simply upload room measurements then drag and drop furniture until you find the perfect arrangement. From modernizing your kitchen to making clever use of storage space, there’s a tool for that.

Feeling stuck? You can also get personal assistance in customizing your space by visiting the nearest store. There’s never been an easier way to turn your dream room into a reality.

IKEA Planning Tools

Help Them Find Just What They Need

What if you always knew exactly what to buy when caring for your skin’s needs? With the Body Shop’s Skincare Diagnostics feature, you can save time by quickly narrowing down your choices to the exact products you need for creating an optimal skin care routine.

In just a 2 minutes, you can get an express consultation and then matched up with your product soulmates. Have a couple more minutes to spare? You’ll answer a few more questions and receive even deeper insights in how to nurture the skin you’re in.

Consultations also include “Did You Know?” sidebars with tips about ingredients used in The Body Shop’s products. Plus, you can opt to have your skin care summary delivered to your inbox so you’ll always have it handy when it comes time to restock.

Skincare Diagnostics

Over to You

Which brands do you think are rocking the personalized experience for their customers? Share your favorites with us in the comments!

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