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Your business faces a potential local audience of over 126K (and growing) Bellevue residents. The keyword here is potential, as many of your “local” customers are searching online. Your branding efforts in Bellevue see two major challenges. First, you have fierce competition and second, your audience is NOT captive.

Branding Bellevue WashingtonTo earn loyal local customers, your business needs more than just a website. Like it or not, branding Bellevue requires your local business to earn an online presence. Success of your brand depends on how dedicated you are to marketing, social media, and transactions.

Marketing – what you say

As a business, marketing is what you choose to say and when. Share helpful content in meaningful context, and your customers learn what to expect from you. You want to build a consistent, dedicated brand that gives your customers good reason to respect you.

From blog posts to email, deliver meaningful messages to your customers. Every time they see your branding, Bellevue residents decide if you’re business is worth their time and money. Your marketing efforts either add value or turn customers away. What you say is really that important.

Of course, the primary channel for delivering this message would be your website. To truly make an impression on your target audience, it’s best if your website’s visual appearance and navigational structure follow certain best practices of web design. Luckily for you, our marketing agency covers web design in Bellevue, as one of our core services.

Social Media – who you are

Branding Bellevue WA

Yes, local businesses can benefit from the internet too. Your popular downtown storefront attracts visitors walking by, but a memorable brand can also bring you online shoppers and tourists. Entire websites exists for the sole purpose of telling people what to do in Bellevue.

Start taking advantage of social media, and put your brand in front of customers looking for what you offer. Being sociable online doesn’t mean you have to sell. With a meaningful brand, your friends on social media will remember you when they’re ready to buy.

Reviews – how you react

Do your best to please every customer, but don’t expect a spotless record. There will almost always be an unhappy visitor at every business. The problem is, when one bad experience drags down your online reviews. To protect your brand, you need to monitor public feedback. More importantly, you need to react.

Don’t ignore criticisms and concerns. Potential customers look at public review sites, so take time to react professionally. Present your business with a brand that respects what customers say.

Start improving your branding today

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Pia, owner of Fingerprint Marketing. Before we talk about changes, I’ll listen to what is already working for your business. With a little help, you can leverage your success across your business and your brand.

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