Branding Kirkland

You care what Kirkland customers think about your business.  Beyond caring though, how do you control the impression you make? The answer is your branding.  Your professional success depends on how effectively you reach and keep your customers.

As a local business, your branding tells Kirkland residents who you are, what you do and why they should care. You want residents to recognize your logo, and remember your business when products or services you offer are relevant to their needs.


Obvious – who you are

Branding Kirkland WA - Who you areYour brand only has a few precious seconds to speak to potential customers.

What you choose to say first will tell your customer who you are.

Your branding must connect with people who matter to your business.

To reach your customers, present your abilities as clearly as possible.

A brand is more than a company name and color scheme.

This is your professional first impression, so be as real as possible.


Essential – what you do

Branding KirklandDon’t be clever, be authentic. Start by sharing what your business does.

When what you do is relevant, visitors will take time to learn more about you.

Your brand, like an introduction, must be concise and focused.

Simply communicate what you do; remove lingo and filler words.

Even the federal government is trying to use plain language to communicate more clearly.


Impressive – why they should care

Are you the best option in Kirkland Washington?

Be clear about how you are the best and why.

Why do your existing customers choose you?

People appreciate when you replace hype with facts.

Being impressive comes naturally, when you’re open and transparent.

No need to exaggerate, just share examples you’re proud of.


Creating a brand takes time, so take care to start from certainty.

Be honest about who you are, what you do and why they should care.

From there, you can fine tune the visual presentation of your brand.


Who builds award winning branding in Kirkland Washington?

Fingerprint Marketing recently won the 2013 American Graphic Design Award.

We’re Washington locals, proud to offer branding services in the Kirkland area.

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation, and speak with Pia (owner of Fingerprint Marketing) today.

Put your brand in good hands.

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