Branding Seattle

Your branding in Seattle needs these 3 crucial tools: experience, value and audience. With experience, you share history. With value, your business fulfills a need. With an audience, your brand survives the test of time.

Fingerprint Marketing helps you apply these branding tools to your Seattle business. Your first, 15 minute consultation is free. We listen to your story; define your target audience, and discuss branding solutions unique to you.

Branding SeattleYour experience

Your branding is built on a strong foundation; your experience. You have a unique history to share. Regardless if your professional experience started years ago or your business is just starting out. Your visitors can benefit from your experience, but you need to show them how.

How does your branding describe your Seattle business?

You need to connect your audience with your experience. Give your visitors a reason to remember your brand. What makes you an expert? How is your business relevant to Seattle residents? Your branding must clearly answer these questions.

Are you a long-term business or new to the area?

Old Brands

For branding, history and trust go hand in hand. Once you make your mark, you stick with it. Sometimes your old brand needs a modern update. With the right direction, you can build upon your hard earned reputation, without starting over.

New Brands

Your business is new and starting out, so you need to earn trust. Building a brand from scratch leaves you overwhelmed with options. That’s why Fingerprint Marketing helps you narrow down branding options to those that fit you best.

Your value

Over the years, your business grows when you keep fulfilling your customers’ needs. Your branding makes promises about the values you offer. You need to define your goals early and make your promises as clear as possible.

What are your business goals?

Think about how your customers’ long term and short term needs.

  • What do you offer your customers now?
  • What do you plan to offer in the future?

Your audience

The truth is, your brand survives or dies with your audience.

A single sale won’t keep you in business.

Your success relies on a growing list of return clients. You need re-orders and referrals to run a long term business. You want to create positive, memorable impressions of your business and branding. Seattle is densely populated, fast paced and full of competitors. How do you survive?

Is your brand struggling to draw attention from your target market?

You need to focus on how your branding relates to your customers in Seattle.

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

Question #1:      What does your brand offer your Seattle audience?

Question #2:      Why do local Seattle clients return to you?

Now, quickly jot down what comes to mind. You may be surprised how naturally your story connects your audience with your branding. Seattle is a market that Fingerprint Marketing completely understands, because we’re Washington locals too.

Let Fingerprint Marketing help your brand create memorable impressions. Take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation or call us locally at (425) 283-3943. We’ll discuss branding solutions and help you reach your audience.

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