Boca Raton Top-Rated Web Design for Inspira Financial

Inspira Financial offers a full suite of billing, consulting, and financial services to the substance abuse and addiction treatment industry. The company offers a unique, technology-driven service built specifically for the complexities that recovery centers experience in their billing, collecting, and cash flow functions.

The Problem

As a new company, Inspira was using an existing, self-made website that was wordy, outdated, and resembled a slideshow template. Overall, it looked like a “do it yourself” site and did not reflect the professionalism nor the one-of-a-kind services Inspira offered to potential customers.

When Inspira began deploying internet marketing campaigns, they were using SEO and Adwords but sending traffic from the ads to the outdated website was not generating leads or conversions. They recognized that in order to step up their game, a whole new website, complete with great design, optimization, and trackable analytics, was in order.

In the words of Inspira’s marketing director, “It was time for a grown-up website!

Through a photographer Inspira was working with, they heard about Fingerprint Marketing.

The Solution

Desiring to work with a small, responsive, and speedy agency, they checked out FPM’s portfolio and scheduled time with Pia. That’s all it took — Inspira knew they had found the capabilities and price they were looking for in a design studio.

Together, the team immediately recognized that focusing Inspira’s marketing efforts where it mattered the most would save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This opened up new and different possibilities for the company. Rather than relying on internet marketing, Inspira worked with FPM to design a double booth space at leading addiction recovery conferences. The response from one booth visitor was “You’ve obviously been around for a long time because you have a ‘big boy’ booth.” Since Inspira was a new company, this confirmed to them that working with Fingerprint Marketing was a significant step forward in their business.

What began with the need for a new website has developed into an ongoing relationship involving nearly every aspect of Inspira’s marketing — design work for print and conference booth collateral, landing pages, copywriting, content development, and analytics. A second website was designed and implemented so that investor leads could go to one dedicated site and prospects and customers to another. This allowed a clean and simple path for all of Inspira’s site visitors.

Originally, Inspira fully expected to hire a studio for the website and then a separate developer,  but found everything they needed with Fingerprint.

The Result

Inspira emphasizes that they began to trust Fingerprint Marketing to do more and more, allowing their own team to focus on the core business. This removed a lot of worries for Inspira, knowing that FPM was “just getting stuff done” in the background.

Prior to working with FPM, Inspira was not taking advantage of social media exposure and FPM has helped them gain nearly two thousand LinkedIn contacts.

From Inspira’s marketing director: “When we started working with Fingerprint Marketing, we were targeting $1 million companies. Very quickly we were able to shift our focus to $10 million companies and now have our eyes on $100 million companies. The price and quality of work with Fingerprint Marketing is remarkable and unsurpassed.

The team at Fingerprint Marketing is honored to have the trust of clients such as Inspira Financial.

Inspira Investor Website:

Fingerprint also designed the companion site Inspira Investor, following the same style and look as Inspira Financial.