Logo design for Duck Duck Wash

Duck Duck Wash is a newly established car wash located in Seattle. With ambitions to expand its presence in the city and surrounding areas, Duck Duck Wash aims to provide exceptional car washing services to its customers while establishing a strong brand identity within the community.

The Task Ahead

As a newly built car wash, Duck Duck Wash recognized the importance of branding in establishing a memorable and inviting presence in the market. The lack of a distinct logo hindered their ability to stand out and connect with their target audience effectively. Duck Duck Wash sought a logo that would reflect the family-friendly and fun atmosphere of their establishment while remaining versatile enough for various applications, including signage, apparel, and digital platforms.

Duck Duck Wash Brand ID

The Solution

The Fingerprint Marketing creative team collaborated with Duck Duck Wash to develop a vibrant and inviting logo that would encapsulate the essence of their brand. The solutions provided aimed to address the client’s need for a logo that was both recognizable and versatile across different mediums. And, it was a joy to create!

“Cool” Duck Mascot: The team conceptualized a fun and friendly logo featuring a “cool” duck mascot as the central element. The duck mascot embodied the family-friendly and inviting atmosphere that Duck Duck Wash sought to cultivate, resonating with customers.

Bright and Happy Color Palette: A bright and happy color palette was selected to complement the playful nature of the duck mascot and evoke a sense of joy and positivity. The colors were chosen with careful consideration to ensure versatility across various mediums while maintaining visual appeal and consistency.

Translatable for Animated Mediums: The logo design was crafted with scalability in mind, making it easily translatable for animated mediums such as social media posts, digital advertisements, and promotional videos. The dynamic potential of the logo allows Duck Duck Wash to engage with customers in creative and interactive ways in the future

Why Duck Duck Wash loves their new logo

The new logo design resonated deeply with Duck Duck Wash and its team, capturing the essence of their brand identity and vision for the future. The playful duck mascot, vibrant color palette, and versatile design elements embodied the family-friendly and inviting atmosphere of Duck Duck Wash, creating a memorable and engaging brand experience for customers.

As Duck Duck Wash looks to expand its digital footprint and reach a wider audience, Fingerprint Marketing will continue to support their growth through strategic SEO initiatives and web design enhancements. With a compelling logo and a comprehensive digital strategy in place, Duck Duck Wash is poised for success as it continues to grow and evolve in the competitive car wash industry.