Modern Membership-driven Web App & Search Engine for the First Podcast Contact Database, Podcast Clout

Podcast Clout is the ONLY podcast database making it easy for you to find the right podcasts to be a guest on and catapult your personal brand’s growth. Everyone knows that the best way to build a personal brand today is by being a guest on a podcast. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to find the perfect podcasts to pitch… until now.

Christina Nicholson, Founder of Media Maven, approached us about working on a site that she knew would be a huge tool for brand growth. The major problem was that there wasn’t any software developed that would allow her to easily share her database with other people. The solution? We built a membership site complete with E-commerce functionality, and an entire database search engine!

The Problem

Christina needed to be able to upload huge database files with hundreds of entries, to a searchable database. This would allow her users to go into the system and download their own custom database files and export them to their computers. The best way to do this was with a WordPress plugin– one that hadn’t ever been made. So we wrote and developed one for her! On a short deadline, the system was built and tested, and ready to go, beating another similar product to market.

What made Podcast Clout walk away with a smile?

When Christina approached us, she wasn’t even sure if what she was asking for was a possibility. We produced an entire Web App– a system that customers could pay for, login to, search for what they were looking for, and download with ease. The pure functionality of Podcast Clout’s new system created a massive asset for Christina that will serve her well for years to come.