Web Design for the Nation’s #1 Steel Door Resource Center, Steel Door Institute

The Steel Door Institute produces quality and performance standards for steel doors and frames. As the door and hardware industry evolves, their standards are updated to reflect current best practices. By specifying steel doors and frames to their standards and from SDI Certified manufacturers, their clients can be assured to receive high-quality products that fit their specific needs.
The issue with industrial companies is that they’re vastly underserved. Marketing companies don’t generally take the time to understand and appreciate the industries of the niches that they reach, which means old technology running websites that need to be updated on a regular basis.
Working with SDI, we brought their website into the 21st century. Moving from a broken and slowly dying PHP system, we moved to WordPress with a fully editable site that could be updated easily on their end.

The Problem

When technology becomes outdated, it reflects poorly on the company and their brand– updating to new systems might be an added time and expense, but it always pays dividends in customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. Steel Door Industries knew that they needed to upgrade systems, if not to protect their brand, at least to be able to make basic text updates to the site. Thankfully, upgrading old websites is something we do really well.

Why Steel Door Institute Loved Working With Us

When Steel Door Institute asked us to redesign their site, we knew it would be a challenge as the site had over 200+ pages, and we also knew they had some custom items that needed to be coded, like an extensive logic-based door selector. With exceptional communication, we met each challenge head-on and delivered a highly functioning website.

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