Web design for The Custom Homes Company

The Custom Homes Company (TCHC) is an exemplary provider of comprehensive services tailored to the construction of custom, residential homes. With a team boasting over 250 years of collective experience in planning, designing, and building, TCHC offers a unique coordinated process that ensures award-winning creative homes while maintaining cost-efficiency and value. TCHC’s mission is to deliver the joy of living in a custom-built home, personalized to each client’s vision and lifestyle.

The Task Ahead

TCHC’s previous website faced several challenges that hindered its effectiveness. The design was outdated, the user experience was confusing, the content was lacking in clear call to actions,, and the most pivotal content to showcase the business proved cumbersome to access. The plans library, a vital feature of the website, did not receive the attention it deserved. Additionally, the old website’s scalability was limited, hindering TCHC’s potential for growth and expansion.

The TCHC team was particular in terms of retaining their original brand story, messaging and copy but felt that the overall design of the website and user journey did not capture its target audience in comparison to its competitors. That’s where we came in!

Custom Homes

The Solution

Fingerprint Marketing’s creative development team undertook the task of revamping TCHC’s online presence. The solutions provided aimed to address the shortcomings of the old website while enhancing TCHC’s identity and user experience.

Fresh, Immersive Design: Fingerprint Marketing delivered a visually stunning and immersive design that captivated visitors from the moment they landed on the website, utilizing full scale video, gorgeous imagery from their own portfolio of homes, clean iconography and subtle scroll effects. The new design reflected TCHC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in custom home building.

Improved User Experience: The user experience was overhauled to ensure seamless navigation and intuitive interaction. Fingerprint Marketing restructured the content flow, making it easier for visitors to explore TCHC’s services, view available plans, and engage with the brand.

Enhanced Plans Library: Recognizing the significance of the plans library, our team reimagined its presentation, making it the centerpiece of the website. The plans library was transformed into a showcase of TCHC’s architectural prowess and versatility, allowing visitors to explore an extensive range of custom home designs.

Custom Features: Fingerprint Marketing incorporated custom features and functionalities tailored to TCHC’s specific needs, further elevating the website’s aesthetic and functional appeal.

What made TCHC love their new website?

The fresh design, improved user experience, and enhanced plans library resonated with the TCHC team and showcased their business successfully. TCHC has embraced their new website as a powerful tool for showcasing their expertise, attracting potential clients, and fostering meaningful connections with their audience, and they continue to engage with us creatively to enhance the user experience and content furthermore.

Looking ahead, TCHC and Fingerprint Marketing are committed to advancing the TCHC website’s capabilities and expanding its digital footprint. Future phases of the project will focus on implementing new features, such as adaptations of their previously custom-coded home map feeds, and conceptualizing strategies for scalability and growth in the digital realm.