Web Design Trends 2020: Podcasts, Chatbots and Live Chat

Many trends we talked about in 2019 will continue to be relevant in 2020. You can check them out here: (https://fingerprintmarketing.com/web-design-trends-2019/ )

In this post we will be talking about the relevance of Podcasts, Chatbots and Live Chat and adding them to our list of design trends. You know you want that thing that makes Facebook and Twitter addictive; there is a specific response to a request, a beep, a red notification, icons, an animation etc. These are micro-interactions. You want visitors to YOUR website to keep coming back to your site.  Facebook and Twitter set themselves apart and keep you engaged by constantly updating with the latest trends and most current technology.

One important way to set your website apart in 2020 is to incorporate PODCASTS.

Podcasts are series of digital audio or video files that people can download or stream on their computers and mobile devices. Listeners can subscribe to podcasts and get updates and new episodes automatically. Because podcasts are accessible to listeners, even on the go, podcasts have become an important and powerful marketing tool.

Podcasts add variety and engage a wider audience

Podcasts offer an alternative way for people to get information about your business; an alternative that is more engaging and interactive than just reading about it. Adding a podcast will set your website apart from your competitors and make it more relevant and less boring in the eyes of your target audience.

A podcast builds a more permanent relationship with your audience

Because most people that listen to podcasts also subscribe to podcasts, they listen consistently and stay up to date with what your company is doing and selling. These listeners are already interested and as regular listeners, they are likely to discuss the podcast and recommend it to their friends. This means more traffic and more sales for your business!

Podcasts are easy and inexpensive to produce

Podcasts require very little equipment and are easy to produce. You can start with: A good microphone and a boom to hold it, headphones, free editing and recording software and a podcast hosting account.

Podcasts can be repurposed into Videos

Google owns YouTube; they give you extra “points” for using their products. So, find a seamless background and put your audio on top with a program like Animoto, or iMovie and boom you have a video!

Google shows podcasts in their search results

When Google first started indexing Podcasts, they were based only on their titles or meta-descriptions. Now Google can analyze the verbal content of podcasts as well and bring the user more relevant content. Users get a better experience, your podcasts can now be discovered, and your company gets more exposure than ever. Win! Win! Win!

Another way to set your website apart in 2020 is Chatbots and Live Chat.

Chatbots and Live chat are instant messaging systems that connect your visitors instantly to the information they need, either through an automated programed bot or to a live person

The chatbot interacts with visitors to your website and answers customer service requests.

The number of chatbots used by companies has grown substantially over the last few years; today there are over 100,000!  Today’s bots have evolved a great deal from the early and simple text- based chatbots.  Chatbots today can learn over time and perform complex tasks. Bots and associated AI technologies will continue to advance; becoming more intelligent, efficient, and customizable.

Chatbots make your website more convenient and efficient

Chatbots will help create a better experience for the visitors to your website by giving them instant responses and forwarding them to the appropriate contact based on what they are inquiring about. Being able to do things quickly, easily and at all hours, improves efficiency.

Chatbots save you time and money

Allowing the bots to do their thing, allows you to attend to all the things that you still have to do in the day to run your company. Imagine the time and money it would cost for you or an employee to personally take phone calls or answer emails concerning the simple questions and directions that the bot could have answered.

Chatbots are customizable
let your chatbot reflect the energy and tone of your company by customizing the color, voice or face. Create a custom mascot to represent your brand. (insert sample mascot here)

For more complex or technical issues Live Chat is more useful. This is messaging software that connects the visitor to your website with a real person in real time. (….)

A human representative is able to comprehend more complex and technical language than a bot.

A human can also gauge the mood of the customer and answer unique questions or quickly diffuse a frustrated customer. This also allows you to build a personal connection with your customer, making it a valuable tool.

If your website visitors are filling their carts, but not following through with the checkout process (bounce), live chat could be there to answer the questions they need in that moment. 50% of consumers say that having an actual person available to answer their questions during online shopping is one of the most important services a company can offer.

Chatbots & Live Chat at work

Google gives us auto- suggestions and Facebook asks us to tag friends.

1800Flowers, lets you order and have flowers delivered from their Facebook messenger chatbot. You can also engage with a human representative through their live chat.

Using voice commands or text messaging, the Starbucks chatbot will tell you when your order will be ready and the total cost. You can find Starbucks’ chatbot inside their app.

Chat with Sephora on Kik, the personal assistant that provides reviews on products and gives make-up tutorials.

Connect instantly to your doctor with many healthcare bot.

Search, listen and share music with the Spotify bot that also gives recommendations based on your mood.

Most bank apps allow you to quickly check balances and even send and receive money.

Live chat and chatbots increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, and keep visitors on your site longer.

Visitors are more likely to instantly buy and return to buy (conversion) because chat systems are proactive; they initiate the chat and provide a convenient place for communication to quickly take place. Customer’s wait times are greatly reduced, making them happy to return again and again. This is why we believe they will be a great addition to your website design or website redesign in 2020.

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