You may not have to learn how to code your next website but it is always good to have some solid terms under your belt when talking to your designer and team members. Here’s a common term you’ll hear but may not know what the heck it means.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. To better understand this term, let’s slice it up piece by piece.


Hypertext is simply text displayed on a digital device that uses active links to make navigation easier. For instance, to get to this page you likely clicked on a piece of text that redirected your browser to the correct location.

Markup Language

A markup language is a way to annotate documents. With a markup language, we can turn plain text into richly formatted documents through the use of special syntax that tells the parser how to display the information and elements passed to it.

Put It Together…

With this in mind, HTML is a way to annotate and subsequently format documents for display that is dependent largely upon a system that enables text-based links. This is the very foundation of how the web works.

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