“Hey, I Never Signed Up To Be A Writer!”

You’re a business owner. When you started to make stuff, do stuff, or sell other people’s stuff, you probably didn’t know that you were also signing up to be a professional writer.


Ask any business owner for their thoughts on doing the writing for their business and the response will be everything from a blank stare to words that would be very inappropriate for us to write here.

By now, just about everyone knows the importance of having compelling sales copy, great website content, e-mails that get opened and read, ads that lead to sales, blogs that inform and entertain, and so-on and so-forth…

Even as good as all of that sounds, sitting in front of a blank screen with a mean, ugly cursor blinking at you can be absolute torture for someone who doesn’t have the time, the energy, nor the expertise to even write their grocery list.

Escape Your Captor

What you’re about to read might just be the secret code that lets you run free from the torture chamber where the mean, ugly, blinking cursor has you locked up.

Here it comes…

You don’t need to do your own writing!

We understand… you’re in a little state of shock right now so we’ll pause and let you take a breath but come right back, okay?

Hey, glad you’re back.

It’s true. We will do the writing for you. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your voice, your message, and how YOU want YOUR business to sound to the world.

Then, our top-notch writers will go to work doing what they do best — stringing important, descriptive, telling, compelling, and selling words together to promote your business to prospective and current customers.

Good writers know how to make every word that comes from “you” walk, talk, and act like you. They’ll engage your fans and followers so they get to know, like, and trust you — three elements that must be present before someone will do business with you. So just what can our writers take off of your plate for you?


  • Website pages (educational/informational)
  • Content strategy (what type of content to use when)
  • Blog posts, articles
  • Promotional, organic social media posts
  • Webinar, video, and podcast scripts (educational / informational)
  • eBooks
  • eNews
  • Email marketing (relationship builders/not sales driven)
  • Lead magnets

    Sales Copy

    • Website pages
    • Sales letters and emails (autoresponders leading
      to sales)
    • Landing pages
    • Webinar scripts (leading to sales)
    • Social media ads
    • Video sales letters and scripts
    • Specific flyers, brochures, and rack cards

    Just Picture This…

    What would it be like if all you had to do was give the the writer’s words the once-over, put your stamp of approval on them, and know that while you’re sipping an alcohol and sugar-laden drink on the beach somewhere (hey, you deserve it!) that your website, e-mails, ads, and so-on and so-forth will still be making its way out into the big, bad world, generating all kinds of new leads and new business for you?

    From the Fingerprint Marketing soapbox

    We’ll say this as kindly and respectfully as possible here… you’re not the most qualified person to write about the stuff you make, do, or sell. #SorryNotSorry if that hurts your feelings.

    You know how to do what you do and writers know how to write about what you do. These are 2 completely different things and we would love to talk more about it — get with us here:

    “We were really thrilled with the results of our website, I loved how it looked, it was exactly what I wanted– she even took it one step further from the vision I had, and made it even better than I thought it could be.”

    -Dr Bizzy Riley, Thrive Supplements