Modern Web Design & Branding for Paradise Valley, Arizona’s Benessair Health

If you could create the perfect medical experience for yourself would you make yourself wait in a waiting room for an hour only to be seen by a physician’s assistant instead of the doctor? Would you set up all the different services you need in different buildings around town so you have to drive to each one separately? Would you create a system where your insurance would only approve outdated technology and never promote overall health and preventative care?

Enter Benessair Health a premium medical treatment facility specializing in cell health, longevity, and overall well-being that provides an alternative and evidence-based approach for a healthy life! Powerful companies start with a powerful brand, so we began by guiding them through the branding process.

Because all of Benessair’s medical wellness services are under the review of a board-certified physician, one of their primary design goals was to avoid looking like a yoga studio. Positioning their brand correctly was a huge part of conceptualizing their website and creating a user experience that represented the company accurately.

The Problem

Benessair came to us looking for a website that would set them apart from their competitors. New branding, new content, new videos– the works. Their previous site was too dense and contained more information than their users could ever hope to consume. Things needed to be simplified. Working with a skilled content writer from our team, we successfully moved the site from 80+ pages to just 20, streamlining not only the site itself but the user experience and the calls to action that they would need to take to become paying clients.

Why Benessair loved their new branding and website

From day one, our goal was to make something unique for Benessair. With beautiful branding and strong calls to action, integrated video, and high-quality photography, the site stands out from the competition in functionality and beautiful design, and that’s just what Benessair needed.
Working with Benessair Health was a rewarding process that we’ve been thrilled to be a part of. We are now working with Benessair on content marketing and website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.