Website Maintenance & Continuous Improvement


Keep a good thing going…


You have to ask yourself this crucial question (and it’s not sexy or fun, but it’s necessary):
Are you updating your website regularly?


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If you answered no, then it’s costing you and your business the big bucks.

Google lives on new content, mobile-optimized sites, fast load times, and easy navigation. In fact, the Googlers will basically not pick you to be on their virtual game of high school dodgeball. Instead, they will lower your rank based on how well maintained your website is.

You remember what it was like to be picked last — and you do not want that. Not ever.

And it’s true that the web never sleeps. However, you need to. And you’re probably running a company and trying to have a life outside of work, too.


With an already busy schedule, what corners will you cut to keep your website functioning at a basic level? How much will it cost you when you lose data, functionality, leads, and customers? Fortunately, you never have to find out because maintaining your website is what we do best. Never worry about your WordPress website (aka your online 24/7 salesperson) or be held hostage by your webmaster again.

From development, security, and site updates – we’ve got you.
No long-term contracts and no hassles.




How We Improve Your Site



Improve your site with security and updates

Security & Updates

Waking up to a hacked site, lost data and lost customers is a
nightmare. We’ll keep your site, plugins, security patches and
content updated so you’ll sleep soundly. No nightmares,

Improve your site with backups


By performing secure off-site backups of your database and file system, you’ll never lose your valuable work to server or database crashes again! We backup your database daily and do a FULL
weekly backup.

Improve your site with support


Enjoy the convenience of a web expert at your fingertips, with up to 30 minutes of phone and email support each month.


Improve your hosting


Our hosting platform is the industry leader in managed WordPress hosting, with features designed specifically for WordPress sites users. Keep your site fast and secure with a hosting platform that has years of experience serving WordPress sites like yours!

Improve your search engine optimzation

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll make sure your site’s functionality is in top shape. Your site will load quickly, pictures and content will load, and search engines will help customers find you.

Improve your peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Knowing that professionals are managing your site, freeing you to work on the things you love, while saving you money and helping you stay ahead of your competition makes you feel that warm sand between your toes and cool drink in your hand. Kind of awesome, right?



Does Your Site Need Maintenance?


  1. Are you updating WordPress, thinking that’s all you need to keep your site up to date?
  2. Would you lose customers if your site was down or the shopping cart stopped working?
  3. Do you wonder how you rank on Google and Bing search and how to improve
    your search?
  4. Do you settle for the first image you see (the same one everyone else does) causing clients to think you’re the same as everyone else? If not, do you spend too much time looking for the right image?
  5. Do you take longer than you’d wish to write a blog post, find and optimize your content for multiple browsers and devices?
  6. Do you keep security patches up to date and regularly update your plugins?
  7. Do you look at, keep track of and optimize sales based on stats?
  8. Are you tired of your webmaster holding you hostage?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a strategic maintenance plan.


We've got you covered.

No long-term contracts. No hourly rates. Fast turnaround.
One simple package for just $79/month

*Monthly plans can be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice*

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“I went to a trade show and was excited to get home and follow up with the leads. Unfortunately my website imploded and my email went down. Fingerprint Marketing saved the day! They restored my email ASAP so I didn't lose time or leads. Thrilled about the maintenance plan, not to mention the fast, speedy, reliable service!”

Ashley Ryan, Founder and Owner,