Corporate Web Design for Melbourne’s Business Agility Institute

The Business Agility Institute was created to support the next generation of companies that are agile, innovative, dynamic, and perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable market. They connect leaders across industries and regions to share their experiences and insights with each other in order to navigate the complex and emerging domain that is business agility.

The Problem

The team at BAI needed branding and a new website to support their mission of connecting, educating, and inspiring people within agile organizations.

The Solution

Fingerprint Marketing began by designing a new logo and branded materials which helped set the tone for a new website. The Key messaging in the new brand: Progress, Adaptability, Motion, Work Effort, Professionalism, Future, Endeavour. The color teal was chosen for their current branding because it conveys professionalism, adaptability and class in their sector. A second logo to help brand their Conferences evolved with the same tone and elements of the BAI logo but that could also stand as a separate brand and logo by itself.

The Result

BAI now has powerful new branding and a stunning website which allows them to showcase their mission and values while distinguishing the unique work they do reflecting the real-world challenges and issues of their members.

We are now working with Business Agility Institute on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.