A website redesign for a personal injury law firm in Western Washington

Carness Law is a personal injury law firm that specializes in motor vehicle collisions, premises liability, and medical malpractice. They represent clients throughout Western Washington, handling the insurance and legal hassles stemming from their clients’ injuries so that they can focus on healing.

The Problem

Carness Law had an outdated website that wasn’t attracting new clients. The site design and copy were not resonating with their target market, and the website itself lacked any calls-to-action that would help drive prospective clients to reach out for a consultation. The firm knew that they needed a new website to help them connect with potential clients and build their business — so they called on Fingerprint Marketing to take the case.

The Solution and The Result

Carness Law needed a website that clearly explained their services and built trust in their audience. We built a modern, minimalist website that showcases their primary practice areas and how they help their clients, with copywriting that is both straightforward and empathetic. Ease of navigation was a focus of our redesign, with a simplified and intuitive navigation menu. 

We included an Exemplary Cases page that briefly but clearly describes a curated selection of sample cases, helping prospects understand the possible results of working with Carness Law. Throughout the site, we incorporated testimonials from past clients, providing solid social proof of the firm’s skills and successes. Each of these was accompanied by a call-to-action button encouraging visitors to schedule a consultation. We continue to support Carness Law through our ongoing website maintenance services.