An SEO-Driven Website Rebuild for a Covington, WA Dentist

Covington Complete Dentistry offers expert and affordable dental services to fit every budget, with a focus on compassionate care and state-of-the-art technology. The Washington-based dental practice provides a range of payment options, helping all members of the Covington community access comprehensive dental care.

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The Problem

Covington Complete Dentistry are well-practiced at upgrading the smiles of their loyal clientele, but when the dental practice wanted to upgrade their digital presence, they found that their previous website developer had locked them out of their website. This left them without the ability to edit their own content or enhance their SEO. Covington Complete Dentistry needed a new website, one that not only attracted new clients, but allowed them to make updates on their own.

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How Fingerprint Marketing Made Covington Complete Dentistry Smile

We appreciated the great work that Covington Complete Dental was doing and wanted to help them serve more people, so we got to work building them a brand new website. While their new website included the vital content featured on their old website, we gave them a much-needed cosmetic makeover. We created a new, modern design with soothing, muted colors, eye-catching calls-to-action, a static navigation bar, and carefully selected stock photography that fit their brand. Clear and direct drop-down menus help visitors quickly locate the specific information they need, making it easier for them to choose Covington Complete Dentistry as their trusted dental care provider.

As web designers, we pride ourselves on creating great user experiences for both website visitors and for our clients themselves. We wanted the Covington Complete Dentistry team to have total control over their content, with a back-end set-up that simplified the process of making necessary changes to any section of their website. We ensured that they were able to make edits on their own quickly and easily — without having to contact a third party or play email tag! With this new, easy access, the dental practice was finally able to begin a long-awaited project: upgrading their SEO in order to improve their search engine rankings and achieve more growth.

We’re pleased to continue supporting Covington Complete Dentistry with ongoing website maintenance services and organic search engine optimization.