Lara Currie, a communication specialist, developed signature systems that help people overcome the lasting effects of growing up in dysfunctional environments. Currie Support Services programs are especially helpful to business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders who are operating and growing their own businesses yet struggling with moving forward, feeling stuck and stressed, and dealing with their clients and employees.

What did Currie Support Services come to Fingerprint Marketing for?

A website. Lara did not have one and for her business to grow Lara needed to drive online traffic to a central platform to promote and sell her book, advertise her workshops and workbooks, drive signups for her courses and a focus point for her public speaking information and bookings.

The website that we designed includes:

  • a marketing opt-in to capture visitor’s attention and emails and grow Lara’s email distribution list
  • videos that engage the audience and shows Lara in action
  • a blog with useful resources and tips (with fresh content that will help improve Google ranking)
  • a clear navigation and defined areas for each service that Lara offers
  • multiple opportunities to connect with Lara right from the site.

We also worked on a brand new logo and branding for Lara.

Did you know?

The 5 elements that we included on Currie Support Services’ site are 5 easy changes that you can make in 5 days to help optimize visit conversions on your own website. 

Watch this short 3 mins vlog to discover why you should have these 5 elements on your site!

We are now working with Currie Support Services on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.