RIP: Flash for Mobile

Last week, Adobe announced that it would no longer develop and build for a mobile Flash platform, which most likely ends the life of Flash as we know it.
We’ve always encouraged our clients not to use Flash for many reasons. It’s not SEO friendly, it drains your processing power, and we have newer and better platforms like HTML5 and CSS3.
But the main reason to use something other than Flash has been the inability to use it on mobile phone browsers.
Almost two years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs issued a scathing critique of Flash, saying that it was unreliable, crashed too often and used too much processor power. Because of these issues, Jobs would not work to create a workable Flash plugin for the iPhone.
As smartphones become increasingly prolific — and more businesses want to develop a mobile presence — Flash was dropping behind.
While there are still a few neat tricks that only Flash can do, we think we have a full toolbox of options to do just about anything our clients need — and that will work on all modern platforms.

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