Consulting Firm Website Design

Why does a consulting firm need a website?

Selling your ideas, expertise and your time is different than selling products on an e-commerce store. And while it is true that word of mouth is important, people today research EVERYTHING online before buying or hiring. A professional website specifically designed for consulting firms is the best way to attract new clients, stay in touch with current clients and stay competitive in the world today. Make an important first impression on potential clients and a lasting impression on your current, word of mouth, referrals with a professional website for your consulting firm.

A website for your consulting firm should give visitors valuable information about your company in a clear, personal and user-friendly way. The information should be current, and the design elegantly simple. Your website should attract quality clients and allow them to contact you easily.

Details we consider when designing a website for consulting firms:

*Focused content: A consulting website needs client-focused, informative content as well as personal information about your company. Your homepage should clearly communicate what your firm does, your unique expertise and the type of clients that can be helped by the ideas and knowledge your firm offers. It is essential that a visitor to your site also understands the value of your services; this will make it easy for them to choose your consulting firm over another. Blog posts with original content that offers advice and solutions for potential clients, is a great way for those visitors to get to know your company on a more personal level. We work with you to make sure your content conveys the right balance of information.
*Images and videos: The addition of images and videos help break up your written content. An informative, but clean site with pictures, video and information is easier on the eyes and easier for visitors to navigate and find the services they are interested in.
*Prominent contact forms, “schedule now” call to action buttons, and links to your social media pages: These are important because they allow clients to continue to connect with you and book consultations and appointments without leaving your website. Contact information (including a physical address and telephone number), builds trust with potential clients visiting your site. Emails, blog posts, podcasts and online newsletters are important tools available to consultants for staying in touch and interacting with clients. Our team at Fingerprint Marketing are experts at incorporating these elements into your consulting firm’s website.
*Testimonials and case studies: These are especially important in a consulting website; they help build trust and credibility with customers. Testimonials should be specific: For example, exactly how was a client helped by your firm’s advice and knowledge? Testimonials should relate information that your target clients would likely have in common. Names, pictures, and logos of companies you have worked with, are powerful additions to testimonials.

*Naturally, our team will design your consulting firm’s website with all the features that our custom websites have as well. Our website designs are all:

  1. Mobile friendly sites.
  2. Optimized. Our experts will figure out the right keywords that relate to the services your consulting company offers and adjust your content with components that are good for SEO, like headings and proper page titles.
  3. Easy to navigate and have clear call to action buttons.
  4. Fast loading.
  5. Tailored for your business now and in the future.

We work with you to develop a unique marketing plan for your company’s continued growth. A plan that will include Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, website maintenance, and more.

Call us today for more information on how we can differentiate your company from the competition with a website design specifically for manufacturers.
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